Prevent Cancer & Stay Healthy

Maintaining a good healthy lifestyle can really help to keep illness’, diseases at bay, and even lowering your risk of cancer. Let’s go over some ways we can accomplish living longer, stronger, cleaner lives. Changing your behaviors, diet, and habits can sound a little intimidating but rest assured, it’s a lot more simple than you may think.

The first thing to work on is maintaining a healthy weight. You don’t have to get lean, cut, or build yourself up like a body builder. Think more of staying at a weight that’s appropriate for your age and height. Whether you are under weight or over weight you can work on reversing it.

Regular exercise is crucial for people of all ages. Have the children play, take your dog for walks, and make sure the grandparents get a lovely walk outside together. Play together, encourage each other and take walks when you can.

Prevent Cancer & Stay Healthy

Smoking is horrible for your health and others around you. It is difficult to quit but with resiliency and hopes you can too. I have quit smoking cancer sticks and I have never felt better. There are medicine, patches, programs and plans made to help with the process.

Making better eating habits are worth the effort. Choose that vegetable pizza over the extra cheese pizza. Cut back on sweet, canned food items, and foods high in fat. Taking multivitamins regularly really helps to keep your body at its best.

Drinking too much alcohol too often puts you at risk of cancer. Drinking moderately once in awhile is fine. Wine is great to have to unwind from a long day.

Protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. The warm sun on your skin may feel amazing but it does more damage than good. It could lead to cancer and serious skin damage. Instead try self-tanning creams at home, if you are desperately looking for the tan look. Always wear a sunscreen when outside of the house.

Remember to get your screening tests when needed. Don’t skip out on the chance to check for diseases, cancers, or viruses. Most cancers are treatable is caught early on and becomes harder to overcome the longer it develops.

Workout at Home & Start Now

Working out should be done a little bit every day, for people that don’t have a workout plan in place or are not trying to body build or anything. People like me just like to be comfortable and not gain weight or would be very happy losing some. Walking, swimming, jogging, dancing, and laughing are all good ways to get a workout in your day. Just doing chores around the house like scrubbing floors, tree trimming, landscaping, etc, could be a sufficient workout. But, I wanted to put something together for this of you who want to workout in the comfort of your own home. No equipment needed here.

Make sure to warm up before any workout. Stretching is also a very crucial thing to do before doing any type of workout. Get those muscles stretched out and pumped up before doing anything or run the risk of hurting yourself or pulling something. Ensure that the muscles in your body are prepped for the activeness you’re are about to partake in. A great way to accomplish this is by slowly and gently doing some exercises. Do some jumping jacks or small squats in. Once your body is warmed up, your heart is pumping, and your blood is circulating, move on to the exercise.


You want to keep your exercise from fifteen minutes to an hour if you are only beginning to start working out. You don’t want to over exhaust yourself on the first day. That would do more harm than good. Find some great exercises that focus on all of the main muscles in your body and get started. Work on your arms, abs, butt, and legs. Adjust to what you want to work on personally but generally, you want to keep it well rounded. Do your repetitions and don’t quit.

Try to do this every day if possible along with a healthy diet and start seeing results. You will not only feel better about yourself, you will start to see the changes as well. Stay consistent and stay positive.

Healthy & Delicious Food To Add to Your Grocery List

Healthy foods has made its comeback and is becoming more and more normalized. Adding some of these healthy foods to your diet can make you feel amazing as well as make you look good. I’ve created a list of incredible food to add to your grocery list that will not only taste good but your body will thank you for it. Healthy and delicious food doesn’t have to be boring any longer.

All types of grains are incredibly good for you. Despite the bad rap they were given over the recent years. Brown rice, quinoa, and oats are great to add in to your diet regimen. Be spontaneous with them and add them into your breakfast, shakes, cookies, etc. I’m sure you are going to love them.

Nuts, seeds and peanuts are highly underrated. These can help you lose weight actually. They are great to snack on and are loaded with awesome nutrients such as vitamin E and magnesium. Popular ones of this category are almonds, chia seeds, coconuts, macadamia nuts, walnuts, and peanuts. Be careful of overdoing it and the salt intake as well. Peanut butter for example isn’t necessarily good for you in excessive amounts.

Fruits and berries are my favorite! You can eat them raw or cook them into amazing dishes. You decide. Some fruits and berries that we recommend are avocados, apples, bananas, oranges, blueberries, strawberries, and lemons. Some fruits also do a good job cleaning the body of toxins and waste so continue to eat these and cleanse your body. Did I mention these taste amazing? Organic are the best tasting ones.

We can’t forget our vegetables! They are known as the most concentrated form of nutrients which is probably why a lot of people dislike it. It’s jam-packed with so much goodness some just can’t take it! Asparagus, bell peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots,kale, onions, garlic, and tomatoes, are all great vegetables to consume.

Unfortunately some people may have an allergy to this but those of you who don’t, enjoy your seafood. It’s good for you! Continue to munch on salmon, sardines, shellfish, tuna, trout, and shrimp. The oils, vitamins, and nutrients they have in them naturally does wonders for your body.

Whoever told you to cut meat out of your diet must be crazy. Unprocessed and correctly cooked meat is a super nutritious food to eat. This is amazing for people who are trying to gain muscle especially. Next time you stock up on meat, try lean beef, chicken breast, and lamb. Organic is an even better option.

Make sure to swap these foods out with your canned goods and frozen, processed foods. Start treating your body with some respect. Maybe it will show you some love sooner or later.

Whip Your Health into Shape

We all want the quick and easy way to lose weight, look better, feel better, and better our overall health. There are some tips to turn things around and start seeing results. Make small tweaks to your diet and exercise and start seeing how effective it is. Take baby steps before making large leaps.

  1. Stop eating anything white
  2. Start eating lean protein
  3. Cut down on processed foods
  4. Exercise at least an hour or two a day
  5. Drink water, and lots of it
  6. Sleep Consistently and often


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Don’t Freak Over a Fever

p_101681513As a parent myself I understand the shock we get when our children cry out and they are sweating puddles from the fever they just started. You immediately freak. You start to wonder what happen, how did it happen, why did it happen, what do I do now, should I call the doctor…etc. The questions keep on going. I get it. But truthfully the worst thing you can do is freak out in front of your child. It can be very traumatizing actually. Be aware of yourself and how you carry yourself because your children are watching your every move and will be looking to you when they get scared. If you are just as scared as them they will feel hopeless. Be their anchor and keep them grounded. Assure them always that they are okay. Even if you are questioning it yourself. Keeping them calm and telling them that they are okay and well, will actually make them feel better, so keep doing it! (more…)