About Us

Feeling helpless when your children have an earache? What do you do when your other half has a swollen foot out of no where? Freaking out because you have bumps that itch all over, and it seems to be spreading? Have you ever had moments like these? Everyone goes through something like this sometime in their lifetime. Doctors and hospitals are there, but what if you had the knowledge to know what it was and how to act upon them, without wasting time.


We take health very seriously. It’s important to give information to those that need it. Knowing what, when, and how could be crucial in a critical situation. So we will be going over some simple tips, tricks, and important information every person can deem as useful. Keep these health and technology tips for when you really need them, or read about it so you are aware of them in the future. I hope with a little push, we can help the world, to be more health conscious and safer for us all.

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