Don’t Freak Over a Fever

p_101681513As a parent myself I understand the shock we get when our children cry out and they are sweating puddles from the fever they just started. You immediately freak. You start to wonder what happen, how did it happen, why did it happen, what do I do now, should I call the doctor…etc. The questions keep on going. I get it. But truthfully the worst thing you can do is freak out in front of your child. It can be very traumatizing actually. Be aware of yourself and how you carry yourself because your children are watching your every move and will be looking to you when they get scared. If you are just as scared as them they will feel hopeless. Be their anchor and keep them grounded. Assure them always that they are okay. Even if you are questioning it yourself. Keeping them calm and telling them that they are okay and well, will actually make them feel better, so keep doing it!

A young girl is sick and having her temperature taken.

A rule you should go by is don’t always go by what the thermometer is telling you. Go off how your child looks, sounds, feels, and acts rather. Another note is actually letting the fever run it’s course may actually help the body to fight the underlying infection. In the circumstance something is out of the ordinary or the child is not acting normally, go straight to the ER. Such incidences is shortness of breath, develops a rash, stiff neck, or a blue tongue. Call 911 if the need be.

Remember a high fever can cause brain damage. Do not let your child’s fever rise to 106F. This can occur if your child has a heat stroke. This is why no one should leave their children in a car alone.


What you should do check your child. Are they acting normally? Are they complaining of any unusual pain? After you’ve gotten enough information from your child, you could either give them medicine to bring the fever down or let it run it’s course if your child is comfortable enough. Continue to check on your child every few hours. Lots of fluid to aid the body in it’s recovery. And remember to always stay alert but also calm. Call a doctor should you have any questions.


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